Front office Module (PMS)

The property management system (PMS) is the primary component of HOTEL–KEY, our fully fledges enterprise solution. With comprehensive analysis and understanding of various activities that take place in a hospitality business, this sophisticated system is developed to accurately carry out daily tasks of different layers of staff involved in the business. Handling reservations, checking guests in and out, assigning rooms and managing room inventory, accommodating the needs of in-house guests, handling accounting and billing are some of the areas that will benefit by the use of this PMS. This user friendly system is configurable and can be operated in all levels of hospitality businesses to ensure guaranteed user satisfaction.

Central Reservation

This system is highly beneficial for hotel chains where all sales and business development staff are not functioning in house. With the integration of this centralized system you are able to make reservations not only from the front desk of the property but update direct reservations through the system from your head office which uses the same platform.

Booking engine

Together with their own booking engine, most hotels use third party booking engines to generate more guests coming in. However, it is difficult to keep a track of multiple emails that are received through these various booking engines which also creates the risk of some bookings going unnoticed. With this module we make sure none of your bookings are overlooked. With all booking engines linked to the front office module through this system all the bookings will be notified in time to the right place.

Accounting Module

A basic accounting module cannot work for a hotel as there are many operations that are unique in the hospitality industry which also needs measuring and recording. Our accounting module is elevated and customized to suit the accounting methods of the hotel industry. Handling rosters, Service charges and many other unique features are made easy and accurate through this system.

Purchasing / Stock / Inventory

There are many standard purchasing softwares available. But our customized purchasing / stock and Inventory module is able to link all the aspects in to one system which makes everyday operations easy for hotel staff. Ensuring that all aspects are carefully monitored and appraised, this module will save time, money and guarantee smooth functioning of the departments.

Event Management

Managing an event can be hectic with many areas that need to be looked in to and administered. This module is developed to analyze and mange even the minute details in organizing any type of event that take place in a hotel premises. From management of the floor plan to generating of bills at the conclusion, this module is the best event manager that a hotel could acquire.

Restaurant / Bar Management Module (POS)

From table reservations, management of KOTs, to printing of the final bills this module covers the total spectrum of restaurant administration. In occasion of a single property having many restaurants this system works accurately and reliably to ensure both staff and customers are put at ease with no confusion or oversight.

SPA Management Module

The spa management module is carefully developed and customized to manage bookings, cancellations, to maintain different treatments, spa schedules and final billing. Also with the ability to make segregation between in house guests and other walk-in customers the system can generate a complete report with all schedules, treatments and customer details.

Payroll & HR Module

Different from a standard payroll or HR module, this provides all the customized features that are required in the hospitality industry. Managing all levels of staff with unique features of each individual area of work, this system will work excellent for any hotel.

Call Accounting Module

Saving time and disorder for the support staff and guests, the call accounting module will ensure that the guest takes a call when the bill automatically generated and posted to the room.

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